What we support

Property Transactions


Many businesses around the world offer to measure ground motion using EO data.

Service successfully delivered, most significantly with Peter Brett Associates.

Ground subsidence reports priced per transaction and extracted from GeoMoves UK.

More detailed surveys can be provided.

Supports baseline surveys of green and brown-field sites for development.


Mining Subsidence, Newcastle

Property Insurance

Service based upon GeoMoves UK

Can play a significant role in re-insurance

Types of risks and perils include:



Soil shrink/swell

Engineering works


Climate change (dry/wet periods)

Information fully extends to rural communities

Infrastructure Risk Monitoring


Service successfully delivered to a number of engineering companies and asset managers, including
Stantec and Arup.

Provides baseline studies and monitoring for hazards affecting civil structures and linear infrastructure.

NL Rail Freight Route (Betuweroute)

Complete Coverage

Urban and Infrastructure Product

Peatland Monitoring


The peatland areas of the Earth are a precious commodity in the fight against climate change.

Our technology is proving to be game changing in the management of this huge international resource.

We collaborate with international and national bodies to work towards a global monitoring system.

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