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Company Profile

Launched in 2015.

We derive ground motion information using advanced analytics and big data approaches to process global satellite data sources.

We have a growing range of clients across the planning, insurance, engineering and land management markets.

To become the world’s leading provider of remote, ubiquitous, high-precision ground surface movement data and services.


The Terra Motion Advantages

Many businesses around the world offer to measure ground motion using EO data.

None can offer a comprehensive service over rural and natural terrains.

Terra Motion have uniquely solved this problem and can offer services over all terrain types and on a global basis.

Independently tested and validated.

We can address new markets and applications because of this, and play an important role in the fight against climate change.

Patent Pending.

In-House Processing Environment

Our software is entirely written and owned by Terra Motion.

It is constantly evolving to benefit from the latest research and software tools.

It is fully compatible with a cloud-processing environment.

It is based on IP exclusively licensed to us by the University of Nottingham.

The CTO and founder of Terra Motion is the sole inventor of the IP.

What We Do and Why

Process large amounts of satellite data to create products that are:





Client Benefits

Proven Technology

Guaranteed Coverage

Baseline and Monitoring Capabilities



New Paradigms, New Opportunities

More Satellite Missions

Regular, Reliable Acquisitions

Global Coverage

Free Data

Climate Change

Climate change is leading to an increase in subsidence which has a huge social, economic and environmental impact.

Terra Motion technology can have a huge impact on our resilience against climate change.

We can map and quantify actual motion across the landscape.


“In Europe, property
losses from soil
movements is greater
than the costs of
most other natural
hazards – including
Swiss Re

Easily Accessible

Vast Archive

Cloud Storage and Processing

Automated Analysis

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