Our Unique Capabilities

The Terra Motion Advantages


Many businesses around the world offer to measure ground motion using EO data.

None can offer a comprehensive service over rural and natural terrains.

Terra Motion have uniquely solved this problem and can offer services over all terrain types and on a global basis.

Independently tested and validated.

Patent Pending.

We can address new markets and applications because of this, and play an important role in the fight against climate change.

Our Services


Supporting ground stability data for property transaction risk analysis.

Providing information on natural perils for property insurance (cavitation, peat shrinkage, frost heave, soft and compressible soils).

Monitoring potential environmental effects on property and infrastructure (pipelines, roads and railways).


Management of sub-surface assets (mines, oil and gas extraction and storage, CCS, geothermal sites).


Management of surface assets
(open pit mines, dams).


Measuring the dynamics of a peatland surface for climate change applications.

Ubiquitous Ground Monitoring

Award-winning ISBAS algorithm developed to bring near-complete coverage of measurements over natural and vegetated terrain, as well as urban areas.

Our solution is constantly evolving to increase resolution, accuracy and to support new applications.

Underlying solution is developing towards increased automation and cloud processing.

APSIS© Survey

Subsidence and Heave due to Legacy Coal Mines

High Precision and Detail

Motion can be assessed and monitored on a regular basis to support asset management and risk assessment.

Results are easily integrated with existing ground data.

Charvak Dam, Uzbekistan





Full Spatial Characteristics

Full coverage means the entire spatial extent and dynamics of the motion can be visualized.

We can also perform a stereo analysis to provide 2D motion vectors*.



We can address new markets and applications because of this, and play an important role in the fight against climate change.

*subject to data availability


Up - Down





East - West




High Density of Measurements

High density measurements mean a more complete picture of the motion.

This helps to identify the full extent of any hazards, what is affected, the cause of the motion and the possible mitigation.

Our surveys provide a higher density in urban, as well as rural areas.

Crossrail Subsidence, London

Conventional InSAR Survey

APSIS© Survey

Deep Insights into Underground Resources

Our high-density maps of surface motion can be used to monitor fluid motion deep underground.

This can be used to:

Verify the amount of fluid injected/extracted

Calibrate geomechanical models

Provide early warning of problems

Ensure integrity

Measure any leakage

CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery

From: T. Anderson, searchanddiscovery.com, 2013

APSIS© Survey

GeoMoves UK Product

A complete land movement map of the
    UK land surface

Updated every year

Covers entire land surface at 20m

Supports markets in property transactions
    and insurance

Complete Coverage

Urban and Rocky Areas

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