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For opencast operations we provide an overview of ground motion occurring over the mine and in the surrounding areas, while for underground operations we can precisely monitor the surface response to extraction. Remote wide area surveys help identify hazards at an early stage so mitigation strategies can be implemented to protect mining assets and surrounding infrastructure. ISBAS surveys provide a unique detection of:

- Ground surface activities (erosion or accumulation of materials)

- Subsidence or uplift associated with sub-surface activities (such as caving or groundwater rebound)

-    Differential motion over faults as an indication as to whether they are stressed and / or active. 

-    Land instability as a precursor to landslides

-    Monitor for changes in surface elevation following underground mine abandonment, such as may be seen over coal mines where groundwater recovery often produces wide areas of uplift.


- Monitoring of re-claimed areas

Underground Coal Mining (Abandoned):

Leigh, Greater Manchester, UK

Open Cast Lignite Mining:

Rhineland, Germany

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