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The most comprehensive satellite ground monitoring data analysis available

Property Transactions,
Planning Applications,
Ground Stability Reports

Property Insurance
Risk Assessment
Underwriting & Reinsurers

Infrastructure Risk Monitoring 
Asset Management

Mining & Energy

Peatland Monitoring
Reporting and Verification 
Carbon Offsetting


Terra Motion's surveys are unique in the ability to support comprehensive risk reporting over rural and built-up areas alike, and can provide dense sets of measurements over both Greenfield and Brownfield sites.

Terra Motion's unique wide-area land motion maps provide the ideal source for site-specific reports on ongoing and historical ground stability and subsidence risks.  These can be used to support a wide range of environmental assessments and planning applications for monitoring and reporting.

Our solution enables our clients an unprecedented ability to:

benchmark areas for development

determine areas at risk

monitor existing assets

determine the results of actions that affect energy futures and climate change


Terra Motion survey shows signs of imminent 'second Chernobyl' in Ukraine

Hompage Image.jpg

Game-changing Terra Motion 'heat map' shows the peatlands with the greatest potential for carbon benefits

Terra Motion - The Difference

Athabasca Combined.jpg

Unique mix of expertise and IP.


Unmatched experience in the application of satellite radar data to address and fulfil business needs.

Unique and world-beating expertise in the extraction of meaningful ground subsidence information over vegetated and natural surfaces.


Our solution is currently Patent Pending.

Focus on improving the accuracy, scale and automation of our solution using advanced algorithms.


Partnerships with leading Universities across the world to open up and validate new applications.


Ability to combine these elements to create a portfolio of market-leading ground motion products at a global scale.


Tell us your area of interest and application and we’ll devise an optimal solution for your specific requirement.


We download all of the required satellite data on your behalf.



We process acquired data using our in-house automated solution to generate meaningful and accessible products.


We can deliver our products by electronic transfer in a way that suits your needs.



Clients enjoy access to our highly-trained staff to help them to integrate and interpret our products.

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